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4.9 stars | 522 reviews
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Innovative Crawlspace Services for Today's Homes

Crawlspace Encapsulation

At Crawlspace Doctor, we fully encapsulate crawl spaces through moisture-sealing barriers secured over dirt floors and insulating foam boards adhered to foundation walls. After wrapping surfaces, we install dehumidifiers and air purifiers that filter out mold spores, radon gas, and other pollutants that accumulate in stagnant areas lacking ventilation. Our comprehensive encapsulation services transform dank spaces into dry, energy-efficient environments inhospitable to moisture damage and dangerous gases. We re-invent crawl spaces to become usable storage with healthy, breathable air.

Drainage Systems

Our team is uniquely qualified to properly assess all potential moisture access points, allowing us to engineer solutions tailored to your home's unique needs. Our crawlspace sump pump systems provide specialized drainage, including backup pumps that automatically activate during outages to ensure continuous protection. By installing both primary and secondary battery pumping systems, we offer fail-safe redundancy if ever your main crawlspace sump pump fails. Our complete crawlspace water removal packages involve everything required to keep your space dry: high-capacity pumps, alarms to warn of malfunctions, durable liners and lids, stands to elevate equipment off floors, and PVC discharge lines to redirect water out of the home. We customize comprehensive moisture management plans to match your crawlspace.

Basement Proofing

Another of our professional skills is waterproofing basements using interior and exterior sealing techniques to combat leakage through cracks or permeable walls. We direct groundwater away through trench drains and potent sump pumps. Our proven water management packages relieve flooding worries. For existing moisture trouble, we apply antimicrobial treatments to control mold growth on surfaces. We stand behind our basement solutions with extended guarantees against seepage. Contact us to convert your damp, gloomy cellar into a brightly finished living space protected from flooding and humidity damage. We re-invent wet basements into dry recreation rooms ideal for storage, gyms, workshops, and more.

Floor Supports

Here at Crawlspace Doctor, we often encounter makeshift floor supports cobbled together from leftover bricks, fragmented concrete blocks, and discarded wood scraps. While well-intentioned, these improper materials were never meant to uphold the weight of a home’s foundation permanently. Depending on local codes, our expert teams install new supports with proper footings and structural-grade materials to stabilize floor systems in distress permanently. We utilize only products designed specifically for home foundations, such as concrete piers, steel jack posts, and engineered support beams. By creating robust supports rooted in firm footings, we can confidently halt and prevent further sinking or sagging of struggling crawlspace floors. Our stabilization solutions deliver reliable, long-term reinforcement, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Crawl Space Repairs

Rotting wood, sinking floors, flooding, and signs of foundation distress require immediate expert help. Crawlspace Doctor’s repair services address critical structural and moisture issues through foundation lifting, smart drainage, and sump pumps. Our broad expertise resolves both symptoms and root problems. We replace damaged elements with mold-resistant and structurally reinforced materials, making innovative improvements. Rely on our crews for rapid response to new disasters or gradually worsening legacy damage before it endangers your home. We restore integrity, preventing future concerns.

Environmental Control

With our vast experience and ongoing education at Crawlspace Doctor, we understand the limitations of outdated vapor barriers loosely strewn across crawlspace dirt and improperly sealed cracks. For decades, thinner materials and incomplete coverage allowed moisture intrusion from both the earth and uncovered foundations, causing any number of related problems. We exclusively install modern, substantially thicker barriers that more extensively wrap moisture sources, while properly taping and sealing every seam. Coupled with our professional sealing services to plug external leaks as well as industrial dehumidification systems to manage interior air, we create comprehensive moisture-control environments. Our multifaceted plans address the root causes of excess moisture and humidity, rather than merely the symptoms. By preventing moisture at every potential source, we can confidently halt the host of concerns it creates, from structural issues to mold growth.

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4.9 stars | 522 reviews
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